1960 Chevrolet Promotional Film – future collector cars?

This is an interesting video from the 1960’s.  Give it a chance. It’s pretty good.

I like the part about the  ultra-cold compartment — “60 degrees below zero, yet the Chevrolet door lock opens with the usual single easy turn of the key…

The video made me wonder… which of today’s 2010 model year cars will future collectors be showing and restoring in 2060?


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4 Responses to “1960 Chevrolet Promotional Film – future collector cars?”

  1. Fuzzyone Says:

    2010 Porsche 911 Turbo

  2. XCity1985 Says:

    The voice narrating the video sounds like the same voice from the old Superman tv show.

  3. Cornhusker11 Says:

    The Corvette will always be a classic car.

  4. bayside1112 Says:


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