Fast & Furious – a great car movie

March 12, 2010

Sorry. I’ve seen Fast & Furious at least 5 times…. and I can’t even remember how many times I stumbled upon it on cable and watched 20 minutes here and there… Vin Diesel is great and it’s just a fun movie.  Not an Academy Award Winner — just fun.  Cool car scenes. Just a lot of car action… If it was on tonight, I’d be there watching.


56 Chevy Bel Air

March 11, 2010

Just driving down the street and came across this 1956 Chevy Bel Air.  Sweet car.  The pictures were taken at night so they’re not great.

1954 Chevrolet Corvette commercial / The First Camaro commercial

March 6, 2010

After finding the Old Pontiac GTO Commercial, out of curiosity, I poked around looking for an old Corvette commercial.  Take a look. It’s amazing how commercials have changed. — Bill

PS… And check out The First Chevy Camaro commercial. Wild!  Reminds me of an old Superman rerun!


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Red 1967 Mustang Fastback 390 GT [Also in the shop]

March 3, 2010

Everyone loves an old Mustang.  Take a look at this “beaut” in the shop …

I bought this car and transported it from Maine. Stripping it. Taking it apart. Rebuilding the engine.  Working on the transmission. New brakes.  This will be a great car…  And we’re having fun along the way!   — Bill

PS. I just added more pictures below.

Old Pontiac GTO Commercial

March 2, 2010

You can see I am currently working on a classic 69 Pontiac GTO.  I just stumbled upon this GTO commercial on…   Take a minute and watch.  Bill.

Pontiac GTO Commercial with Bonny and Clyde

Click to watch

1969 Pontiac GTO – in the shop and being restored – Bill

February 27, 2010

I love this stuff.  Here’s the latest action in the shop…

  • 1969 Pontiac GTO
  • automatic, AC, power steering and power brakes.
  • No engine or transmission, but it is an original 400 engine / turbo 400 transmission car.
  • Last registered March 1994. At that point had  99k miles on it. It has been parked ever since.
  • Action: The body has been lifted off and the frame has been cleaned and painted. The floor pans and trunk are good! The body has some filler in the rear quarters. The driver’s side door has some minor rust and more rust  rust on the base. The left front fender has some minor rust on the base. It needs a windshield.
    The front rubber bumper is good. The hideaway headlight actuators are new. It has a new interior. It has new brake lines, brakes and body bushings.

This car is in in my shop and being worked on as we speak.

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True Car Lovers Only – Bill –

February 20, 2010

When I have a couple of minutes, I love taking a look at the 1960 – 1969 cars for sale on AutoTrader Classics. It’s pretty wild to see some of the cars available…  take a look – Bill –

Collectible cars pictures for sale mustangs ferraris corvettes

Getting started

February 6, 2010

Corvette - getting started